The story of the birth of the company dates back to the early 1980s, when Renzo Cenci, then coachbuilder, proposed to a friend, a leather cutter, to start cutting and creating prototypes with him for companies already established in the sector.

Having, over time, acquired the right wealth of experience, they decided to try to create the first personal collection. Immediately finding the appreciation from customers and the strong demand for the product, the two friends decided to open a company in 1982, the VR82.

After a beautiful period of work and increase of the company, in 2003, revealing the strong common desire to want to bring their daughters into the company and the diversity of opinion on the framing of the target of the proposed product, the two friends decided, in common agreement and remaining on very good terms, to separate their paths at work level, each creating their own personal company. Hence the current CR company.

Initially, the product was mainly aimed at an Italian market. Over the years, the enhancement of its product and the continuous evolution of the company, there has been a constant expansion, which has allowed it to be included in the main markets, such as European, US, Japanese, to date.

Hence the historical brand HCR, which can count on a precious and genuine Made in Italy, starting from the raw materials, supplied by different Italian companies, accessories, processes, treatments on the skin, up to the creation of the garment strictly Made in Tuscany , thus maintaining respect and awareness of the value of Italian excellence in the world.


What has distinguished the C.R company, since its inception, is the constant research, study and experimentation of the various leather workings, in order to better customize and make their creations unique.

Always keeping the traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, Renzo Cenci has always had a look at innovation, constantly seeking an improvement of the products and an improvement on the attention to detail, therefore a continuous renewal of his own style and the services available to the customer , aimed at satisfying the constant evolution of market demands.

C.R can count on more than thirty-five years of experience in the study and creation of shoulder garments in the leather and textile sector, the latter perfected and increased in the last fifteen years internationally.

A company formed on a real family footprint, strengthened by the entrance of the daughters, conveys a strong sense of belonging and arouses each member that desire for collaboration, aimed at keeping a company alive and elastic, dedicating itself to the same passion, that of create an emotion for those who wear their creations.